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Custom Tailoring and General Alterations in Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Alterations, General Alterations in Ardmore, PA

Make your clothes fit who you are. Through the art of custom tailoring and general alterations, Centofanti Master Tailors in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, transforms textiles so that the fabrics complement your body perfectly.

Custom Clothing Alterations

Even the most expensive pieces may not fit you as properly as they should at first. This is why our tailoring service offers professional clothing alteration services for your comfort and style. Alterations are also available for wedding attire.
Allow our artists to alter your clothes so that your style fits you comfortably. Our alterations will eliminate the impression that your clothes are too big or too small, leaving you with the look you deserve. In addition to hand-finishing the collars and cuffs, our tailors alter:

• Coats, including Sport Coats & Blazers • Cashmere Clothes • Suits and Tuxedos • Casual Wear
Tailor, General Alterations in Ardmore, PA

Our Tailors Also Offer:

• Invisible Weaving • Leatherwork • Reknitting • Weaving

For Wedding Attire

Wedding attire alterations are completed over the course of two to three fittings, so that your garments fit the way they should for your special day. Throughout these alterations, as with all of our work, our tailors provide exceptional work with exceptional materials.

Contact us in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, and unveil the style you have always wanted with our custom tailoring and general alteration services.